Easter Event in Aether Story - Holiday MMORPG Patch

In this blog post we will go over the newly added Easter Event, the first holiday event added to the world of Aether Story. Keep reading... and be sure to like and comment below to let me know you read it. Your feedback is like fuel that keeps us going!

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Aether Story Easter Event!

Now live is Aether Story's first holiday event, the Easter Event! This event adds new tech to the game's engine allowing you to gather respawning eggs in a game-wide egg hunt.  With enough eggs you can unlock some awesome cosmetic rewards that will carry over to the full release of the game.  Let's break down the details of the Aether Story Easter Event now.

The Easter Event will last until the 24th of April. Be sure to log in today and join the fun! 

Meet Maika

Maika is a mysterious woman who has arrived in the Domhan Outpost encouraging heroes to look for eggs she has hidden around the world.  Her origins are a mystery but she says she will trade the eggs you find for some awesome rewards. 

Your first step in the Easter Event should be to find her. Her location is right outside the Potion shop, directly north of the Alpha 3 spawn point.  Be sure to talk to her, as she is one of the few NPC's in the game that have dialog options, allowing you to ask her questions.

Note: it is not a requirement to talk to Maika first, before you can collect eggs. Feel free to jump right into the egg hunt...


Easter Egg Hunt

Throughout the world there are dozens and dozens of eggs to find.  They randomly spawn all over the land, and behave unlike anything we have added to the game yet.  Let's go over their behavior.

First, the eggs have a chance to spawn when the server first comes online. These eggs will be immediately available for a player to pick up. Once an egg has been looted by a player it will disappear for all players. Yes, that's right. Eggs are a shared item that all players experience together.

Next, eggs that have not yet spawned have a random spawn timer.  This spawn timer varies depending on if the live twitch stream is online or not. If we are streaming, then the spawn rate will be higher, because more players will be online, and the competition may get fierce.  Hint: the times can vary between 5 minutes up to an hour.

The idea is that you can hunt for eggs all over the game's world and look for eggs, and once you have explored the world you can go back and check spots you know eggs could spawn, and hope to find even more. If another player is hunting you guys should probably avoid each other's tracks, or work together and come up with agreements to not steal claimed spawn areas. Its all up to you, the players, to figure out how to work together to celebrate Easter!


Unlockable Rewards

Alright, so you now know how egg hunting works, and that Maika offers rewards in exchange for eggs. But how many eggs do you need to collect? What are the rewards and how many eggs do they cost? Let's go over that in detail!

This year's Easter Holiday items include:

  • Easter Chocolate - Costs 10 Eggs (Limit 20)
  • Mask: Bunny Ears - Costs 150 Eggs (Limit 1)
  • Costume: Bunny Onesie - Costs 150 Eggs (Limit 1)
  • Pet: Bunny - Costs 200 Eggs (Limit 1)

That brings the total egg cost, if you were to max out the limits and unlock all rewards, to a total of 700 eggs! That's a lot of egg hunting!

We broke the rewards down into several options to give you a chance to pick and choose what you wanted to spend your eggs on. If you can only have so much egg hunting in you, then focus on unlocking one reward instead of all of them.

Developer notes:

  • The Easter Chocolate is an interesting food item to stock up on during this limited event window and keep even after the event is over. Restoring your health to 100% out of combat, no matter the level, is an extremely powerful food.
  • The Bunny Ears Mask and the Bunny Onesie Costume go together to allow you to look like Maika.  Currently the costume system is not yet implemented, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't work to unlock these items. They will be usable in a patch sooner than later.
  • The Bunny Pet is usable right now- once you use the item, the Bunny pet is added to your "Collections" menu, there you can click "Summon" to have it follow you around.
  • If you by mistake buy a second Bunny Pet after you have added it to your collection, you can sell it back to Maika for the full egg amount, where you can use those eggs to buy something else.
  • This blog's banner was created with the fanart that OffbeatJenny made! Thank you Jenny, its all adorable!

We weren't going to release an Easter Event this year, but we wanted to do something special for our community.  We hope this Easter event brightens your days in light of the current global events. Perhaps get your kids and friends to join the fun, and do an egg hunt together!  But most importantly, be sure to have fun! Happy Easter!

See you in the game!!


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Mar 20, 2020
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Mar 20, 2020

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egg hunting is very relaxing :)


Fun event! I like how I found about half a dozen eggs in a few minutes, but I also found some treasure and met some people during the hunt. 


I love the egg designs, pay attention to how many different ones there are. :D


Well than might have to go hunting for those eggs before it too late


Eggcellent event! Had lots of fun exploring the vast world hunting for eggs and completing quests


Certainly put in a lot of work since I first started following the development, way back when! Events and shit certainly wasn't on the table back on lctv!


Cool event, there are always so many events and limited edition pets, even though the game is at such an early stage.


this event made me an eggillionaire!!

you are so eggtastically punny!


Collected 500 eggs to get the rewards. Now I'm collecting just in case I want some omelette for later.


Atleast in Domhan Outpost we can go out and hunt some eggs 


great game. great event. following this project some time now and supported the devs with donations. every now and then new cool features get inside the game. great to see this game getting bigger and bigger.


this easter egg hunt is my fav thing since telepads! ive aready gotten over a hundred eggs!