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Aether Story is a passion project mixing the aesthetic of our most beloved retro RPGs with the modern MMO-like game play elements, allowing us to create a co-op adventure that you can play with your friends.

Explore the world as a hero with a mysterious past, as you learn the world is being destroyed by dark forces. Are you the hero that will save mankind? Are you the hero of light? Join Aether Story and make a name for yourself.



  • Explore - Adventure across a detailed world full of quests, characters, and caves. Discover the beautifully pixelated world of Aether.  Currently there are two zones in the game, with new zones added every major patch.
  • Battle and Combat - what appears as classic turn based combat plays like a real-time, fast-paced strategic battle system.
  • Monster Encounters - round up and gather monsters to fight, you are in control of how many monsters you fight at a time- no random monster encounters.
  • Instanced Dungeons - enjoy two instanced dungeons full of bosses each. With more dungeons coming soon.
  • A Main Story - see the world through a story told in the JRPG style (work in-progress)
  • Quest - There are dozens of quests in the game providing around 4-6 hours of game play. More Story driven quests will be coming soon.
  • Professions and Crafting - gather materials and craft epic items and gear.
    • Blacksmithing
    • Cooking
    • Brewing
    • Herbalism
    • Mining
  • Leaderboards - Hunt for chests and hidden treasures throughout the world and place in the leaderboards.
  • PvP - fight other players and along side other players in 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 battles.
  • Social Features - Including friend lists and Guilds
  • Play with your friends or make new ones - Aether Story is an always online MMORPG set in a pixel world.

    Planned and Coming Soon:

    • Dozens of new Skills and Spells to further customize your character builds
    • New Professions and Crafting including:
      • Fishing
      • Bee Keeping
      • Farming
      • Crystal Crafting
      • Treasure Map Making
      • Tinkering and Bomb Making
    • Player Economy - with Auction Hall and Player Shops
    • Player Housing - get those decoration skills on and make the perfect pad to chill and invite your in-game friends over to.

    Controls and Help
    Use the arrow keys (or WASD) to walk around.
    Use the Space bar to interact with objects and talk to NPC's, as long as you are facing them.  Also the Space bar is used to close dialogs or move to the next dialog.
    Use the ESC key to open the main menu. You can also get to various sub menus by using the letters (I)nventory, Quest (J)ournal, World (M)ap, (B)uild, and Eq(u)ipment.
    Limited Controller support is now added. Plug-in a USB controller and test it out.

    If you have any problems join us in discord.


    Join Discord for suggestions, bug reports, help and more! https://discord.gg/phanxgames


    Alpha Notice:
    Please note that during the Alpha your character's progress is considered in a "test realm" and will not transfer to the official release of the game.

    But not to fear. There is an Alpha Goal system in place where you may earn Alpha Tokens for completing various tasks within the Alpha! These tokens will transfer over to the release of the game, and there will allow you to unlock cosmetics!

    Any cosmetics you unlock during the course of the alpha will also transfer over to the official release of the game. Happy pet hunting!


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    Aether Story Alpha Installer (Windows)
    Aether Story Alpha Installer (MacOS)
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    Version 0.5.25

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    Sorry there hasn't been any updates here on Itch in a while. I have been so busy to update here. I have been keeping everyone updated though in Discord. Consider joining our Discord for continual updates. 


    I will also be trying harder to update itch.io as well. Thank you for your understanding and checking out Aether Story!

    Launcher crashes with error: Error Downloading Patch! error: file not found: http://files.phanx...pglalpha-0.5.19.zip?cb=ffgmjwycpu

    I am sorry this happened. It does not appear to be happening for me or reported by any other user.

    Please try again and if it continues to be an issue please let me know what Operating System you are using and I can work with you to troubleshoot this.

    I am using MacOS Catalina 10.15.7.

    (1 edit)

    Oh I see.  I just checked the game on my Mac, which is running on an M1 MacOS 11.3.1, and it appears to patch and install well from the file version currently on itch.io.  Since the build of the Launcher was made in 2020 on MacOS 10.14 and has been working fine with all MacOS since then, I don't believe it is an issue with the code/game, but perhaps an issue with a Firewall or protection system on your end, either software (on your computer) or on the network level.

    I am more than happy to troubleshoot this with you further, even walking you through how to manually patch the game, if you would like to chat in Discord. You can find me at our discord.gg/phanxgames 

    Thank you for your interest in the game,


    It's not firewall, because my firewall is turned off. I've been having problems like this recently were some applications can't connect to the internet (or just think they can't). And, I don't have Discord

    I found this link that contains some steps you can try:



    Looks cute, makes me want to play it


    Phanxgames this is the best rpg i have ever played before i like the characters and there animations, and the way you can level up and get stronger. 

    the story mode is really fun to do too :)


    Great game! I've been having a lot of fun with it for a week now. The community is active and very welcoming to new players. There was a patch recently that added a whole new instance dungeon to the game. Haven't had a chance to try it myself yet, but it looks fun and I'm definitely trying it soon!


    Been backing and playing this game for five months, solid game. Latest update brings in a challenge that will keep you playing and has added a couple more hours of co-op content to enjoy. 

    Discord and developer are active, hop in there and I'm sure community members will help you as well. There are also Twitch streams which is another way to get involved and learn about the game. 

    This is one of the few MMOs in development that I actually recommend, out of the many I've tried over this last year. Check it out!


    I sat down to play this game on stream for 20 minutes before I played another game and it turned into a 3 hour long Aether Story stream. The world is detailed and crafted with care. The art style is nostalgic and the music sets the tone for this exploration based experience. Play this game. It’s really fun. 


    I've been following this game for about 4-5 months now i just enjoy it so much. The game is a really enjoyable free to play game, the art style is awesome, the quests are well balanced for having only 11 in the open alpha testing, and the profession system is very nice. The pets you can get from donating to the game development are very cute as of writing this there is a Halloween event which is so much fun going around and farming out the charms and getting the nice cosmetic hat and pet at the end you can buy with the charms. Also as of writing this there is no battle but from the leaks it seems like a very unique system and i cant wait to slay some monsters. I've had lots of fun looking for the hidden chests that are scattered around the 4 different areas in the game. id have to say for how the game is right is on steady pace for being an awesome game. All around the game is very enjoyable and i encourage everyone to try it out <3


    Aether Story is really fun and has a great community. There is plenty to do in the game to keep you occupied, and new stuff is always being added. One of the only games I play, and I log on at least once a week. Keep up the great work Phanx!!!


    Been following the game for a few years now and I'm I've always been impressed with what Phanxs has done and all the progress he's made. Keep up with the good work!


    Been watching the twitch dev stream. Incredible work. Looking forward to what the future brings!


    Thank you for being an awesome twitch viewer, supporter of the studio, and fan of the game! You are awesome KevBob!


    I found this game being developed on twitch today, and honestly, I reckon it has very high potential. The developer is extremely vigilant, able to keep his eye out for suggestions and bug reports made by the players. 

    The Art and Music are well done and I cannot wait until more in depth features such as Combat and PvP get added into the game. At the moment, the game doesn't have the most content ever seen before, but there's a lot of content, whether it be exploring the map, talking with others, and collecting hidden chests around the map in order to receive special items.

    I can't wait to see development of this project to progress ever more. I'll definitely be around!


    Thank you for your encouragement. I hope you enjoy the new content. Hope to see you in a twitch dev stream and in discord soon!


    The game is great so far! Its really exciting to see progress always being made, and to be involved in the development streams. I can't wait for the game to continue to be fleshed out!!


    GOBLIN!! Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I can't wait for you to check out the new content we are have in store!


    Awesome game! Looking forward to more updates.

    (1 edit) (+4)

    Thank you for checking out the game and posting here :D

    I can't wait until we get combat into the game, which will be coming in the next major update to the game. We are all working very hard on.  Its all coming together, its very exciting!!


    This game so far I think is really fun! I am one that loves to explore games and this one by far is fun to find the hidden stashes and it's also pretty stable to me. I haven't seen many MMO's that have the sprites looking so crisp and colorful. I can't wait for more content to be released! 


    A great little MMO with a lot of potential. It has lots of exploring to do and things to find. The little secrets to find chests and loot are fun to look for.

    Looking forward to seeing more and more content to be added!


    Lots of love and hidden items in it, keep it up, hope the combat will be fun


    This is a very nice concept of a Final Fantasy MMO. What I like about the world is that it isn't plain and boring bunch of tiles but places actually got some life in them and some extra designs that make spots interesting 

    I see this project going some good places :)


    I really love this game but I can't find the cave for the moss by the lumberjacks.

    Any help would be appreciated.   But I've been havinga blast so far.  Awesome game


    Found the cave.  I can't go past the outpost north and can't get inot the swamp and on the map that has the bee hives I can't get to the next section.  I'm not sure where I can go next.  Suggestions?

    (1 edit) (+3)

    I'm glad you found the cave!

    Unfortunately it sounds like you explored all that we have added to the game thus far!

    I can tell you though that there are over 80 hidden items and treasure chests for you to find. If you wish to keep exploring every corner of the areas you already been.

    We are actively developing Aether Story, and more content will be added each month!  Up next is combat and monsters... its going to change everything!

    If you enjoyed the game and wish to help fund us, please consider donating. This game is developed by the support by players like you. Thank you so much for playing!


    Thank you! I'm glad you love it.

    The cave you are looking for is within 10 tiles from the lumberyard. Check to the east (to the right) of the hut in the lumberyard!


    You need to go north east from there and then get a bit down where there is a cave opening




    This game is cool! It’s also very pretty with some spooky dungeons. 🙂


    Thank you! I'm glad you like it!