The Abandoned Windmill Dungeon

The interior of the windmill has been completely remade to our first group instance dungeon! You may find the Abandoned Windmill in the south-eastern corner of the Meadows zone. Warning! Bring a friend or two. This is a group dungeon. Do not try it alone!

New Roaming Encounters:
Enemies that roam the dungeon randomly that you can try to sneak past.

  • Cellar Rat - the hardest rats yet
  • Skeleton Warrior - heavy physical damage
  • Skeleton Mage - heavy spell damage
  • Cellar Spider - the first spider in our game

New Forced Encounters:
Enemies that require you to defeat to get past them.

  • Skeleton Guardians A - Three Skeleton Warriors stand in your way
  • Skeleton Guardians B - Two Skeleton Warriors protect two Skeleton Mages. The hardest fight in the whole dungeon.

New Boss Encounters:

  • Banshee - a banshee lays deep within the dungeon, hits hard and has minions protecting her.
  • Hangree - a rat boss that is a bonus encounter in the dungeon. Its up to you to figure out how to find him.

The bosses of the dungeon share some loot from the Todd encounter from last month's Easter Event, but also have new loot items including a new ring, weapons and a rare robe.

The Golden Chest:
Deep within the dungeon is a special chest that respawns each time you reset the dungeon, and may be looted by everyone.

Misc Changes:

  • The hill around the Abandoned Windmill has been revamped. The entrance to the Windmill is now from the dirt area with the bridges. This should make getting there faster.
  • The Tidal cave with the Battle Crabs has been greatly nerfed. But still contains the same reward. This should make farming potions easier. See the Witch to learn more about the daily potion farming trade-in. 
  • Soulbound items in the Account Bank now report who it is soulbound to.
  • New Alpha goals have been added to the Adventure Guide relating to the Windmill dungeon.

Living World Changes:

  • Heroes have successfully helped Ostara and restored the balance to spring.
  • Todd has retreated and Ostara, the White Hare and Maika have returned to their dwelling in Ostara's Lair.
  • The entrance has been sealed and all Easter Eggs have vanished.
  • A Dizwin was tasked with sweeping up the carrots littering the road.

Bug Fixes:

  • Message boxes should now close when you DC from the game.
  • Idle logout should now close all menus.
  • Tab should no longer cycle through active UI components.
  • Logging in while battling should no longer instant crash.
  • The long standing battle "soft lock" has finally been solved once and for all.
  • Most crash reports found by players like you have been resolved.
  • The server memory leak has been addressed by cleaning up party and monster references more cleanly.
  • Removing an item from the inventory (by either selling, eating it, depositing it) should now move to the next line down, rather than skipping all over the place.
  • [Lucky Bunny Foot] has had its gem sockets removed and its base stats restored. All players who placed gems into this item have had the gem restored to their inventory's.
  • Loot tables have been improved for the the chests in the game to contain less food and more gold.

Known Bugs:
The game will get wonky and unstable after playing for more than an hour, usually more than 3 hours. This goes hand-in-hand with high memory usage by the game. If the game consumes more than 2GB please restart the game to continue playing until this memory leak can be found and addressed.

Want to play this patch? Download the game today! See you in


Aether Story Alpha Installer (Windows)
Mar 20, 2020
Aether Story Alpha Installer (MacOS)
Mar 20, 2020 11 MB
Version 0.4.11 May 03, 2021

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