Aether Story: Alpha Patch 0.3.21 is now Live!

Patch Notes:

  • Added a new Spawn Point at the docks of the Outpost.
    • By moving the player away from the closed exit gates to the city and placing them directly in the center of the town should encourage the player to explore and feel like they have more directions (and choice) than to always start off with the construction quest being the first quest they see.
  • Added a new Welcome Quest and welcomer NPC named Ralpha McGee.
    • To better help players understand the controls we have added an NPC directly infront of the player with a quest icon.  This NPC's title when hovering the mouse reads: "Press Space" which should help players understand the control scheme better.
    • The NPC also gives you a simple one step quest that instructs you to loot the chest next to him.  This can be considered a tutorial to teach the player how to loot chests.  The quest also should give you enough EXP to level you up and is the missing EXP needed to more easily get to level 5.
  • Dev Notes:
    • The changes to the spawn should greatly help new players get into the game and understand the basics.  The NPC explains that there are hidden items and chests to find, and quests to complete.  Making it clear the scope of this Alpha patch.
    • There was also confusion in regards to the red supply crates that were near the old spawn point, being the first objects that draw the player's attention, they often caused players to be confused on what the controls were, since they were not interactable if you weren't on the quest.  Now with the new welcome quest added, which teaches you how to interact with a chest, this should be more understood!
    • These changes are temporary, when the next major patch, Alpha 4, comes, we will be adding a completely new introduction tutorial that will not only better explain to the player the controls and the idea of the game, but also introduce them to the main storyline. 
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Random game lock-ups when changing maps or when other player change maps should no longer cause the game to lock up.
    • Experience points should no longer be lost when changing maps.
    • The Inn Keeper should once again be able to heal you.
    • Players and entities should be more consistently in alignment.

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Dec 01, 2019
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Dec 01, 2019

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